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National Advancement for The Association of Colored People

Learn more about the issues NAACP tackles every day to dismantle racism and build Black political, social, and economic power.

2024 Louis F. Cox Scholarship Winners

Olivia Darmanie & M'laje Calhoun

Gala Sponsors

Cincinnati Young Black Professionals (CYBP) 

This educational webinar was designed to shine light on the living nature of our constitution. The event features historical, legal, theological and educational perspectives and is brought to you by NAACP Unit #3194 of Butler/Warren County and MLK Lebanon. Click here or the picture to view the video of the webinar. 

Kneeling Protestors




Holding law enforcement accountable is long overdue. It is time to end qualiffied immunity and collect data on police encounters to provide transparency and safety for our communities.

Drug and Syringe

Discussions about the safety, effectiveness, and trustworthiness of vaccines are front and center. Learn more about the Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines.

Protest March Signs
Thank you for standing up for our rights and fighting injustice and discrimination.

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