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Chuck Hall Biography

Chuck Hall is a Principal of Marshall High School of Middletown. He has been a principal for 25 years and before then he was a family counselor for 10 year.   In this role as principal, Chuck manages teachers and support staff professionals. Marshall is a high school that provides an opportunity for students that do not have, or are at-risk of not earning, their high school diploma.  Chuck believes that every young person deserves an education and should not be given up on for mistakes made early in their life.  He supports the idea that children should be valued and that it is the responsibility of adults to nurture and guide youth of today.  Chuck holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Wright State University, and a Master of Science of Education and Allied Professions from the University of Dayton.  In addition, Chuck currently holds a Five Year Principal Professional License from the State of Ohio. Lastly, Chuck successfully completed the process for the OTES certification. He is married to Christine Hall and has four Children, Brooks, Michael, Quinton and Carilyse.

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